Chinese Cookies

These are definitely one of my top 5 favorite cookies, just like the ones you’ll find in the bakery.  I’m obsessed with Chinese food, and Chinese cookies might be my ultimate cookie love if you needed to know how to make my day. I know, one has nothing to do […]


Best Ever Challah (Egg-free)

You only need one bowl to make the most heartwarming of all Jewish comfort foods. Challah. This is by far my favorite challah recipe. It is soft, fluffy, delicious and incredibly easy to make! The dough is gorgeous and silky and comes together rather quickly. I adapted Rebbetzin Kanievsky’s recipe, […]


Coconut Flanken Roast

Melt in your mouth Coconut Flanken Roast.  When you have meat that’s this amazing, you don’t need all the pomp and circumstance. I know it sounds weird but this literally smells like butter popcorn coming out of the oven. Buttery soft in your mouth, falling-off-the-bone-goodness, with a tiny hint of […]


Orzo with Crispy Salami

This probably falls under the category of top five favorite and most popular side dishes.  This. Is. Legit.  One of my most favorite sides.  EH. VER.  It freezes amazingly and it’s even better heated up the second day.  Like whaaaaat??? I totally promise.  Make it. And you’ll love me even […]


Caramelized Honey Cookies

Yield: About 42 cookies I say “caramelized”, because these cookies have that delicious and rich caramel flavor that lingers on your tongue and packs a serious punch. It’s not your traditional airy and dry honey cookie. If you are looking for a soft, dense, flavorful cookie then this, my friends, […]


Caprese Salad with Balsamic Reduction

Fresh and quality ingredients are key for this salad’s success. Tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil drizzled with a sweet balsamic reduction and olive oil. Easy, impressive, and so delicious. I like to serve it with fresh baguettes to round out the meal. Balsamic reduction is the syrupy stuff you get […]


Hearty Kale and Bean Vegetable Soup

We can all use some comforting superfood in our lives. This soup takes the cake for feeling like you’re eating a hug. It’s hot and hearty, packed with flavor and nutrients for a healthy pick-me-up. As soon as you make it once, you’ll know what I mean.  


Chunky Vegetable Barley Soup

Baby it’s cold outside, and this is one of my favorite soup recipes. I like to serve this with toasted garlic bread, a fresh baguette or No-Knead Bread with a slather of butter. This vegetable soup recipe is really versatile. You can use whatever vegetables are in season or those […]


Cauliflower Fried Rice

This is a low-carb option for those who want all the flavor of Chinese fried rice but none of the guilt. I’m generally not one to make “MOCK” anything, but this trend was on my bucket list and it was requested for a private cooking class.  Time to check that […]


Better than Deli Coleslaw

Yes. Better than takeout coleslaw. There I said it. I guarantee once you try this, you’ll never go back to store bought. I know it’s very unconventional, and yes, I have mixing bowls, but… I make my coleslaw in a ziploc bag. In case you’re going to ask if that’s a […]