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Dear Chaya, Self Care Isn’t Selfish

Dear Chaya, I’m feeling depleted, deflated, and just plain worn out. I don’t have the physical and emotional energy to give to my loved ones like I used to. I’m drained. Most days I end up feeling like a complete failure. I’m trying my best, but it feels like my […]


Dear Chaya, Top Ten Qualities to Look For In A Spouse

Dear Chaya, I’m tired. I’m just so tired of being disappointed in Mr. Wrong. I want to get married, but I just feel like it will never happen. I keep picking the wrong type of guy for me and always wind up disappointed and hurt. Everywhere I look, it seems […]


Dear Chaya, What To Do About My Snoring Husband?

Dear Chaya, I love my husband so much…until he falls asleep. Once that happens a whole team of lumberjacks invades the bedroom to saw logs in my ears.  At least that’s what it feels like. And it’s tough to NOT put random things in his mouth for some peace and […]