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Be My Guest: Must-Haves for Your Guests’ Ultimate Comfort

 Things to Do to Make Guests Feel Welcome in Your Home Not to brag or anything, but I’d totally be a guest in my own home.  After years of being single and going away for many weekends, traveling, and hosting my own guests, I’ve got this down to a science. […]


Let’s Bring Back Table Manners

Okay, hear me out: Dinner, but with TABLE MANNERS. I know I may be dating myself, but I remember when the soft glow during dinner was from candles, and not from the cellphone/device my dinner companion was holding in their hands. I also have fond memories of getting Thank You […]


Hostess Gifts

Better than Wine: Thoughtful and Effortless Host Gifts They’ll Love If you know me, then you know I love to cook, host, and create the perfect Tablescape. There’s just something about pulling off the perfect meal served on a well-dressed table! But believe it or not, my friends, there are […]